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The Agents Asociation

The National Tribute Music Awards were originally set up in 2013 but after taking a few years away, it was decided that Champions (UK) plc would combine their knowledge alongwith The Agents Association to run a new event for 2016. It was during this event that Oasish were nominated by Empire Leisure Ltd and then crowned the UK's OFFICIAL number 1 tribute to Oasis!

National Tribute Award 2016.

The awards ceremony was held at The Athena in Leicester and was attended by lots of tribute artistes from all over the UK, agents and of course, all of the sponsors.

It was a very glamourous event with everyone turning out in their best frocks and bow ties for the night, or for the artistes, in their stage clothes.

As a band, Oasish were one of the only winners of an award for that particular year so it was a great honour and privilege to be awarded something of such great significance. 

So then moving into 2017, Oasish were again nominated but this time by Richard Herrington of Henderson Management. During that particular year, Oasish had not only had to replace their drummer but their bass player as well so it was a very

difficult year for the band having to replace key members whilst keeping the wheels turning and staying on the road with the touring. 

Because of this, when Oasish were announced as winners again for 2017, it meant a lot more to them as they had worked so hard on the road and working through auditions to get new members involved.

Again, the 2017 event was held at The Athena and again, everyone turned out in their posh frocks and yet again, Oasish celebrated in style by drinking even more champagne than they did the year before!

So what happens when your band wins the award?

National Tribute Award 2017

It then means that you get the "kitemark" or "Seal of approval" of being the only Oasis tribute who can say "We are the OFFICIAL UK's best Oasis tribute act". For some it means nothing but for others, after all of the hard work and effort that is put into their show, it means a great deal and then becomes a great marketing tool which then helps you to promote your band. 

Were we happy to win it? We were ecstatic!! Of course we were! It was finally there for everyone to see that we had won the award, not only once, but 

National Tribute Award logo 2016

two years consecutively and it was given on merit from people within the industry and that means agents, venue's, promotors and even other signed professional artistes so the award, whilst seeming like a posh night out to some, actually does carry a huge amount of weight within the industry and is now recognised as one of the highest accolades you can receive in "tribute world".

In addition, because it is backed by the Agents Association which is a governing body, it means that when the word "Official" is added, it actually means just that! Its Official!

National Tribute award logo 2017

So will we try to win again for 2018? Who knows. It may be time to step aside and let another Oasis tribute take the crown for a year but then again, we love our job

so much that even we can't decide if that's a possibility.

However, we would just like to take the opportunity to thank everyone involved with Champions (UK) plc, The Agents Association and our very good friends and sponsors Glastonbudget Music Festival and all of their staff. 

You guys have helped us achieve something that we never thought we could when we started out almost 15 years ago in 2004. For that, we will forever be in your debt and whatever the future holds, I'm sure we'll all be chatting about some of those awards ceremonies for a few years to come!

Here's to the next 14 years and long may it last and long may we reign (hopefully!)

As you were!

PH x

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